First national interdisciplinary scientific conference on climate change

First national interdisciplinary scientific conference on climate change

The First National Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference on Climate Change, organised by the Hungarian Scientific Panel on Climate Change (HuPCC), will be held from April 12 to 15, 2021. The conference will cover all climate change-related disciplines in 10 topics.

HuPCC conference will provide a forum for presenting research on climate change to the wider professional community in Hungary. Its aim is to map scientific workshops, researchers and research on climate change in the country and also facilitate the launch of the preparatory process of the First National Climate Change Assessment Report. It is expected that the conference will strengthen the Hungarian scientific research community dealing with climate change, including the development of interdisciplinary dialogue and cooperation among different disciplines.

trAEce project members, Apolka Ujj, Paulina Jancsovszka and Maria Fernanda Ramos Díaz, will contribute to the conference by giving a presentation titled Climate change mitigation in agroecological practices of Hungarian farmers on April 14 in Section 5. After a brief introduction of the trAEce project, based on analysis of the 17 in-depth interviews conducted in the framework of the project, the presentation will highlight the strengths and weaknesses that characterize different approaches in farmers ’ practices, including their knowledge and solutions to the climate change challenges.

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