6th Permaculture, Agroforestry and Traditional Fruit Growing online conference

On the 22th of January 2021, the sixth Permaculture, Agroforestry and Traditional Fruit Growing online conference (VI. MAPER-AFINET-KmGYH Conference and Forum) will be held on an online platform organized jointly by the Hungarian Permaculture Association, National Agroforestry Network and the Carpathian Network of Traditional Fruit Growers. 

The conference theme this time is about the role of soil in the alternative agricultural systems. How can we conserve,  regenerate and build this treasure for our common future. During the morning session, there will be thematic presentations from academics and practitioners while the afternoon will follow with workshops discussing different aspects of soil conservation and its social-ecological context.

Alfréd Szilágyi, TrAEce project member will make a presentation about the soil ecosystem services and also facilitate a workshop in the afternoon about possibilities of soil amendments in permaculture systems. Zoltán Dezsény – who is also a project member – will introduce his farm and the no-till soil management that they apply. His farm will be  one of the possible venues for the trAEce pilot training later during the project!

Link: https://permakultura.hu/vi-maper-afinet-kmgyh-permakultura-agroerdeszet-alkalmazkodo-gyumolcseszet-online-konferencia-es-szakmai-talalkozo/