The 3nd  trAEce focus group meeting

The 3nd  trAEce focus group meeting in Hungary was held in Gödöllő (SZIA Agroecological Garden) on August 31st 2022. The focus group included 18 stakeholders: researchers, organic farmers, consultants, representatives of non-profit organizations and members of the trAEce consortium. After a short presentation of the results and evaluation of the pilot training by the participants, the meeting continued with a 2 round-workshop. The participants, divided into small groups, expressed their opinions on the topics and questions formulated in advance. Then, as a result of the discussion with the entire focus group, conclusions and helpful recommendations related to the future of the training were jointly formulated. The multiplier event ended with a presentation and visit to the SZIA Agroecological Garden, operated by Diverzitás Foundation in cooperation with MATE.