Organic potato production in Romania in focus of the trAEce project

Agri-Cultura-Natura Transyalvaniae Association invites – besides its professional contacts – the wider public to participate in the multiplier event of the trAEce project.

Date: 21. October 2021, 14h

Location: Csíkdelne, Romania

Introduction of trAEce project
Presentation of the training curriculum of trAEce
Presentation of the field research and film production of trAEce
Comparative tasting and gastronomic evaluation of potato varieties

The event will be combined with the presentation of an additional outcome of the project: production results and gastronomic testing of organically produced potatoes. In the 2021 season, our team tested twelve potato varieties in organic farming on four farms in Szeklerland, Romania (Gyergyócsomafalva, Gyimesfelsőlok, Csíkmadaras, Csíklázárfalva). Our goal was to gain experience in growing different varieties organically. At our event, we would like to share the results of the field experiment with those interested. Another  attraction of the event will be cooking, frying and tasting and evaluating the different potato varieties by the participants.