The path to a good start with trAEce’s First International Meeting

Our first International Meeting was held from the 8 – 10 of January of 2020 in Gödöllő – Hungary, with a participation of 27 members of the 6 partner organisations.

Since this was the first opportunity for the whole team to get together, the day started with the presentation of each organisation with the purpose to get to know each other’s work. To add a more global perspective about agroecology around the world, we welcomed 2 international presentations from Ecuador and Tunisia, to get some inspiration about the work carried on outside Europe. The meeting continued with the delivery of an Action Plan which will set the foundation for our work. The following days the team worked on the planification to achieve the Intellectual Outputs set for the project which include: assessing of the current state of agroecology in the participant countries, interviews to farmers to identify their knowledge , skills and needs and the development of a curriculum in Agroecology.

To close the meeting with a clear idea of what agroecology means in the practice, we visited Zsamboki Biokert, an agroecological farm outside of Budapest and partner in the project, where we had the opportunity to see their different agricultural practices and the evolution of a food box scheme that is run by the farm.  

The work already started, the goals and tasks are clear and the trAEce team is ready to spread the seed of agroecology and help it to grow across Europe. 

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